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“Our obsession with quality, transparency, and reliability have been at the crux of our success in the past 6 years. It’s no wonder that our ever-growing base of happy customers always keeps coming back for more.”

Our Story

Established in 2015, Avenue Realty is a real estate development and construction company that is rapidly transforming the real estate landscape in Andhra Pradesh. The company is well-known to go above and beyond the ordinary, in terms of transparency and professionalism, to deliver holistic real estate investment experiences that are unmatched in the market today.
What began as a company with just two full-time professionals is today a thriving organization that’s 40 strong. Every employee at Avenue Realty undergoes stringent training and professional development to ensure that they understand and adhere to the company’s mantras of success at all times. Our customer service continues to be our strength for this very reason.

In 2020, the brand’s debut project, Serene County, was launched. The impeccable planning and development of the project saw it get almost completely sold out in just six months. With another residential project already in the works and one more on the drawing board, Avenue Realty is all set to deliver incredibly happy homes to its customers for years to come.


Satya Donepudi

Satya is the co-founder of Vintech Solutions and founder of Skillvoice. Vintech was one of the fastest growing companies in St. Louis. Satya has a passion for farming, real estate, and is also an avid artist. Apart from technology consulting, he executed multiple real estate projects in India and US real estate markets. To pursue his passion in farming, he recently moved to Florida and lives in the Miami suburbs. Satya has his Master’s in Computer Applications from Madras University.

Jaya Parakash

Jaya Prakash Yarlagadda is the Managing Director of Avenue Realty whose vast knowledge and 7 years of on-ground experience in the real estate industry have laid the foundation of a progressive organization. Jaya Prakash has worked for 13 years in the software industry in India and US and has created several reputed collaborations. His expertise, problem-solving excellence, and true spirit of teamwork are what anchor his success. He has mastered his MS from the University of Illinois, Springfield.

We Value


Honesty and clarity are at the core of all that we do here at Avenue Realty. We ensure that every customer knows as much as we do about their valuable investments with us.


From delivering on promises on time, every time to always being at your service, Avenue Realty is a brand that’s synonymous with reliability.


Whether it is at the development and construction level or customer service, we take immense pride in our professional conduct throughout your investment journey with us.


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